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Glass can provide UV Protection and Reflection Control

What you need to know when choosing your glass. In a frame, glass is your shield against the elements. It stands in the way of the environment, dust, dirt, insects, and your little Picassos.

Mats and Liners – Custom Framing Options

When should you use a mat? Mats are used in framing things like artwork, documents, photos and more. When mounting is not an option to maintain the integrity of the artwork, matting is a great solution for holding it in place within the frame.

Mount and Laminate - Dry Mounting

Dry mounting a poster or photograph is a technique of attaching prints to mounting surfaces by heating Shellac tissue between the mount and the print in contrast to a spray (or wet) adhesive.

Custom Framing

At Studio Art and Custom Framing Framing, we will help you choose and design the best way to display your artwork. Our experienced staff will assist you with colour, design and layout, whether you have something in mind, or not. We understand the significance and importance of your artwork and treat it with the same amount of time and care as if it were our own.

Studio Art and Custom Framing only uses acid-free or archival material and techniques to frame your artwork.

This helps prevent your artwork from aging while preserving your image, effectively allowing you to enjoy your picture for many years. We also carry different types of glass: Ultra-Vue glass that eliminates reflection and Conservation Clear glass that prevents your art from fading, as well as high quality Museum glass which protects your artwork with 99% UV protection and remarkable clarity and glare reduction. We complete your framing, design and assembly entirely on site. All artwork remains in the store. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship as much as creativity and guarantee our framing materials and labour.

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Tips for Custom Framing!

There are two essential reasons to frame your keepsakes. The first is presentation; presentation is about the appearance factors – selecting frame parts of the style and color that create the most visually attractive display. The second is preservation. Preservation is about keeping your framed treasures in their present condition. That involves secure, yet noninvasive, reversible support inside the frame and constructing a microenvironment to minimize environmental hazards. For your keepsakes on display, preservation framing is the best protection against harmful light, temperature and humidity changes, airborne dust and chemical contaminants, insects, and mechanical damage. Preservation framing provides the best long-term value for displaying your treasures.

Frame it to last.

If you want your artwork or treasured possession to be a legacy for future generations, ask the professional framer to use only preservation-grade mat board and UV glazing. Make sure the framer is experienced in preservation framing techniques before entrusting him or her with your precious mementos and keepsakes.

Professional custom framing is a great way to preserve your art ensuring you many years of enjoyment!